2 of the 3 Heterometrus scorpions I purchased this week. Communal setup.
Very cool! How do they seem to like that hide? I've seen it for purchase on Amazon and thought about getting one. What size did you get?
The fake rock hide is great, the two biggest out of the 3 ran for it and fought for it the smaller one ran immediately though and now the biggest in the tank has claimed it haha. Worth buying
Awesome, thanks! Would you say these are active or have a pretty good feeding response? How has the communal setup been going?
Well it's only the first day so hard to say but from experience these guys spend a long time hiding. But so far these guys have been very active. It seems out of the 3 only one (The biggest one) is very aggressive even towards the other scorpions almost territorial. In fact if he doesn't calm down soon I may have to remove him. But all of them today have eaten 2 small crickets and one large meal worm. I will start out feeding them once a week unless they get fat.
I have 3 now. I had 2 for a the first 2 months both female. The females are territorial and fight over the best hiding spot frequently. The male doesn't seem to care too much. I have mine in a 29 gallon. How much space do yours have?
i am currently housing them in a 10 gallon but by next week they will be in a exo terra 18 by 18 inch 12 inch height with similar set ups but more room.
capt. have you had anything go wrong over the few months youve had them? anything i can avoid? i have already broken up one fight lol. and i know out of the 3 i have atleast 2 are females havent sexed one, but i believe it is a female also. i wanted a male i might look into trading in the future for a male.

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