Her first web (in my care)
Here’s Fluffy, my spiderling Avicularia avicularia. I just noticed her chilling in her first web tonight when I went to feed her! Yay so excited. Now I don’t have to pull her out to feed her.
She takes prey real prissy and gently so she misses in tank
@RJZerg No, it came with her. It was on like a huge vine thing and I just removed all the tips. Then I hotglued the leaves up top, as coldblooded told me to. here is the progress of the tank. you can see the "plant"

Final Product: https://imgur.com/3EyaWVG (lotsa plants. needs rehomed soon)
Previous: https://imgur.com/GLBiD9q (only few plants up high, no real climbing space)
First: https://imgur.com/Lk2gm2P (plants down low)

How I Received Her: https://imgur.com/glaTkVE (too big for her, and not an arboreal enclosure)

Are you a Starcraft fan?
I think for her next setup im going to use that 10g tank vertically. Ill silicone some plexi/acryllic glass to about 1" above the substrate level, attach some hinges, and run more of the glass up to the top of the enclosure. I just wish i could access the enclosure from the top as well as the front, but its better than nothing
Is the one some one told you that it was a male because it has a fat booty?

Never listen to anyone that says they can tell an Avic from this view. Very few species can be identified by this method. Take a close up picture of the ventral side and post it here and I sure someone can help. I think @CEC and @Ungoliant are great with Avics. Also list the the size of the T with the picture. Use DLS (diagonal leg span) for the size.
Males lose the pink toes on pedipalps when they mature while immature males and females have pink toed pedipalps. Easy...
"Pink Toe MM identification for dummies"

MM's of this species do have hooks but those can be hard to spot for newcomers because of the surrounding dense setae and the unwillingness to take it out for a good look. MM's also lose the color in the abdominal gaurd setae, substituting dark undertoned setae resembling the carapace and leg coloration becoming one solid bluish/black.
Also can't forget how lanky & leggy MM's are...:angelic:
@Drea You're right tho. This Avic clearly has a pink toed palp so no way you can tell the sex by this picture nor by looking at the pedipalps as immature males and females palps are identical. Unless they are looking at a different picture and this specimen has molted into a mature male since this pic was taken.

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