I had purchased a cobalt sling 6 months ago and it never came out of its hole. I even posted a pic of a pet hole as a joke on this forum. when I finally got concerned enough to dig for it I found absolutely nothing. pet store replaced and now 2 weeks later found it dead being eaten by live worms
I have 125 other ts and all are looking good. I do a ton of daily work keeping everything clean and I have not seen flies other than the rare case of a tiny fly around dead crickets. but even that's rare. was told by a friend it was phorid flies but just read posts on here saying they are harmless. so what the heck.... did the spider die then get fly larvae on it or did the fly larvae kill it? it was a strange position for it to be out and hanging by 1 arm dead also
I think it died unfortunately and then - because of the carcass - the flies and maggots came. Normal process in nature. :(
FWIW, I don't think the larvae killed it.

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