my stripped knee has been losing A LOT of hair on his butt since i got him about a month ago i thought it was pre molt but he’s still eating normally and he’s not aggressive just skittish sometimes ... he always has a full water bowl and plants/hide out under a log but idk if he’s stressed or what..
@savanna davis They'll do it when you're not paying attention, them losing hair on their abdomen isn't always from them being stressed. It's normal and your T isn't losing hair due to being upset, you don't need to be concerned about that. :)
I think it's kicking hairs because it doesn't feel safe. For one, as @Paul1126 said, that hide isn't good, way too spacey. And secondly, there seems to be a lot of height in your enclosure but not enough depth, as in deep, moist substrate for your Aponophelma seemanni (I'm assuming that's what it is, always use scientific names as they're way more accurate) to burrow in.

Also, this is the wrong gallery, you have a tarantula, not a true spider. ;)

I'd make a new thread in the appropriate forum if you seek further help with your T and its enclosure:

Edit: I just saw you already made a post. :)

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