Help with gender please!
This is my 2 or 3 inch Brachypelma hamorii. I am currently still not sure of its gender. Is there anyone who can assist me in sexing this T. Thanks for any help. I am new here on the boards. So tips and info of any kind are always welcome.

On the brightside, if it isn't atleast they don't cost an arm and leg to try again. I have one about the same size. Not sure of the gender. Fun genus. Might be my favorite. Get overlooked sometimes
@Goopyguy56 fair enough. This is my first T. So I am totally new at this so I figured Brachypelma was a good place to start. This T has been good to me so far. Not very jumpy and rather relaxed. Very happy with this genus so far.
Well, the slings arent too expensive. Juveniles and adults can get pricey. And if yours is anything like mine, they grow really slow
Easier to validate gender from the molt. Keep the next molt and inspect from there. But slings must be big enough to be visible.
I too would say female. If you look at where the abdomen and carapace meet, you can see two circular tan colored circles referred to as "book lungs." When people attempt to ventrally sex a T this is typically the location they carefully observe. If there is a lighter colored slit running perpendicular to the axis of the T then people will most likely claim it is female. I can see what could resemble this "slit" on your T which would lead me to guess it's a female. Now, I am still relatively new to the hobby and even newer to ventral sexing, but I have read dozens of articles and compared a bunch of pictures in order to practice and recognize what to look for. This is a fantastic article that can help explain it in more detail: for Sexing Tarantulas.htm

Sorry for the novel. I try to help out people as much as I can since I am relatively new and know how much I valued the help/advice I received from others.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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