Help! (Upright Molt)
Just found our pulchripes mid molt but on its front. Not sure what to do. Think it’s still alive, can see slight movement. Anyone had this happen and the T come out of it successfully. Really worried ??
Dude that’s so cool! They do rarely molt upright. Nothing bad’s gonna happen. This is an awesome picture.
Obviously not the norm but i have read so many reports of upright molting that i would allmost call it a commonplace phenomenon. I think your T will probably be fine.
Wait a minute... why is everything wet. Why are there water droplets everywhere? You didn't spray the molting tarantula, did you?
@Moakmeister no we have been misting half the enclosure as we knew the molt was imminent. We heard a too dry enclosure can slow down the process and potentially cause problems. We would never directly spray a T
Never experienced this with a juvenile/sub but several slings have either molted upright or on their sides and came through just fine. Just one of those weird little quirks that make us scratch our heads. I'd say you have a good chance of your T pulling through just fine though.
If it started molting like that just leave it be, some of mine do it too I find it much more interesting than the normal way IMO lol
@SkittleBunny thankfully it’s been a success and she seems fine. Never had any of our others molt that way and guess it just freaked me out. It’s great having all you guys on here for help :embarrassed:

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