Help to determine the type ?

Help to determine the type ?

I know that this is a wolf spider.
This female came to us in a container with a package for the company.
@Ungoliant So far I do not know, my friends have asked for help with the definition. This spider came to our country in a container from the European Union.
Only I doubt that such spiders are found in the EU :)
@Odessa13 It may be a false wolf spider (Zoropsis spinimana). The species is native to countries along the Mediterranean but has been introduced to California.

It's not anything medically significant, in case that was an unspoken concern.
@Odessa13 - how big is it? Are you going to keep it? Did you mean it arrived in one of these large international shipping containers that are used on container ships or trucks? 'Container' could also be something small like a food container. If it came in on a container ship/truck it could have come from anywhere in the world practically.
I'm thinking Zoropsis spinimana as well . Lycosidae have a specific eye arrangement . Thats one thing I know for sure. I have three females and their eyes and what they're capable of seeing are by far my favorite characteristics of Wolfies . @Wolfspidurguy could tell you for sure.

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