Help ID?

Help ID?

Is it at all possible to ID this guy at least down to a Genus? I have 4 or 5, they're all roughly 2 inches, and the first time I ever saw them was this past Autumn when they swarmed a fallen branch in my backyard one rainy night. Found in northern New Jersey
@PinkOddity73 They really are. That's why I'd like to get an idea of what they are. I'd never seen them before and I haven't seen them since. I'm just glad I kept these few. When I took a look at them today, I noticed a teeny tiny little baby in with them
From what I found on iNaturalist (great site/app for animal ID), this looks like Ophyiulus pilosus. Do keep in mind that Julid identification is tricky as many species look similar and there species are not well studied.
@PinkOddity73 So far I've only noticed the one baby, but if I start seeing more or if I happen to find a few larger ones when it starts getting warmer out, I'd be happy to collect a few for you if you'd like

@LawnShrimp Thanks for the help! All I was able to figure out on my own was that it was likely in the Julida order, so really anything more than that is beyond helpful. I'll be looking into the iNaturalist app now too, so also thanks for that!
They never molted in my care, so they stayed around 2". I'm not certain if they would have gotten any larger, but they were sexually mature at that size and had quite a few babies. I sent most of the babies to the user on here who was interested in them, and then eventually the adults and remaining babies I had left died due to my own human error

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