help id my poecilotheria

help id my poecilotheria

it was purchased as a female p.pederseni but after reviewing online pics, i'm beginning to have my doubts. i think it might be p.striata. let me know what you think. thanks!
Hi it looks very male-ish to me, and you would need a ventral shot to properly ID it.
Later, Tom
how big is it? they get the biggest out of the pokies, robc has had them 10" plus before. i have a penultimate male at over 7"
she's about 5.5" - i'm glad you think it's a female. will her color change? any pics that i've found online of ornata females appear lighter in color.
well, i can definately see why philth thought male, mine looks identical but it is a female, its furrow is plain as day on the ventral, so, it will do eventually :D

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