Have no clue

Have no clue

Have rly no clue on what it could be, it's pretty docile and it is rly slow growing, all other sling outgrew it like twice in a year, was a gift as unknown sling.
@KezyGLA I'm not sure that I agree. B. schroederi have a very light colored carapax as slings/juveniles and they are among the faster growing Brachys. I'd say there's about a dozen or so Brachys and Aphonos that look like that at sling/small juvenile stage.
@boina yeah pretty slow growing and when she molted like months ago she was darker with some kind of blueish shine, well tnx for help gonna leave it another half a year or year probably before anyone can be sure :)
@boina Some carapace start to darken early. I had some start losing the gold at around 2". They are one of the slowest growing Brachys, similar to emilia imo.
@KezyGLA Interesting. Mine grew pretty fast, like vagans. Maybe there's some hybrids around here, too, or it's just individual differences.
@Dovey well doesn't look to me as grammostola, but by the growth rate It kinda crossed my mind, tho to be honest I kinda think it's a Aphonopelma caniceps or something like that, hopefully will be able to ID after the moult, also it is not docile as grammostolas i had, it's pretty calm and slow but can be pretty defensive, sometimes can't even touch her back legs when doing maintenance, yet again it's every T for it self :D

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