Happiness Is a Mealworm (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 3")

Happiness Is a Mealworm (♂ Acanthoscurria geniculata 3")

Genicula, my juvenile male Acanthoscurria geniculata.
@Natasha1992 They are great eaters and fun to keep. Mine has always attacked anything that moved, even as a tiny sling. But otherwise, he is pretty good-natured; he doesn't flick hairs.

Mine is male, so when he matures, I will try to find him a female. (Maybe I can get one of his slings if he is successful.)
@Ungoliant I love watching them eat, it is so satisfying! Bella eats like a pig, but my Hamorii, Ruby, is a bit hit and miss. She doesn't always take her crickets so it is a victory when she does!

I hope the two I am getting are girls, or at least one is! They're from my local spider shop, but they haven't moulted whilst the guy has had them, so he isn't sure. He thinks maybe female based on a visual vent sexing, but he can't guarantee that. I wouldn't normally buy one without knowing the sex but they were too beautiful not to! And two because one is really nice and one is a sassy monster. Who can choose?! :p

I so hope your boy gets a girlie and you get his babies!! :D
@Natasha1992 How big are the ones you're buying?

Unsexed is cheaper, and it's really not the end of the world if you end up with a male. They are just as fun to raise, and you get to see the whole life cycle in an accelerated time.

If you bought both of those as slings, and both were male...both would still probably out live most dogs.....so its not like raising males would be a short term endeavor. You would be looking at close to a decade (or more) for males of your chosen species. Yeah, a lot shorter, but hardly a flash in the pan.

Only the fastest growing species see males living super short lives...and that's still 1.5-3 years.

Males are great for beginners, because of this accelerated life span (comparatively)...this means you see more growth in a shorter period of time, and learn the invaluable lesson of what a MM looks like. Its also not a 30 year commitment if you decide down the line the hobby isn't for you.

I think one of the biggest mistakes a beginner can make (aside from choosing a terrible species) is this unwarranted focus on females. Males are not only great teachers, they are also opportunities...as in opportunities to turn that one purchase into several more down the line, as a MM can easily be traded for many slings or a fistful of cash. Its also one of the best ways to make connections within the hobby.
That is a very good point, it means you can own 3 times the amount of spiders if you own males rather than have a 30 year-long collection, like my belly-on-legs Pulchra :')

The two I am getting are about 10-15cm legspan, I would guess, but I suck at sizing! They're definitely more young-adult than sling. They're definitely not full-grown, they're a tad bigger than my sub-adult Hamorii.
@Natasha1992 At that size, you should have no trouble sexing them next time they molt. (I sexed my genic at 2.5" or 6.4 cm.)

You may even be able to make an educated guess just by looking at the venter, though I'm not sure if genics are easy to sex ventrally.
@Ungoliant I hope so. I don't mind what they are, but I am hoping for female. The aggressive one is going to end up being a handful, I'm sure! :p your male is gorgeous!

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