Hand made enclosure background

Hand made enclosure background

Ready for a new Arboreal species 4-6in hopefully soon
What is the pot for? What did you use as the foundation? And are you sure that paint isn't toxic?

Don't take this the wrong way but I'd wait with another arboreal until you're sure you got the husbandry right with your first one. :)
@Thekla it's a non toxic paint it is not washable of course and the pot is so I can add a live plant, I added Moss so it looks more natural, this is for a Arboreal that is big enough, mine is to small for it still.
@Angelo303 I wouldn't use real plants if I were you. Plants need moisture and they also create and hold humidity, something you don't want. At least not with these suboptimal enclosures.

Of course, one can go bioactive, but that needs experience and proper (and I mean real proper) ventilation.

Just keep it simple. Fake plants can look nice as well, and they will web over anything eventually anyway, so, why the hassle of trying to keep the plant and your spider alive. ;)

Oh, I just realised... you've been using egg crates as the foundation, right? You should consider, that they might mould.
If you want to create a nice background I'd go with styrofoam. Carve that to your liking, apply aquarium silicone and glue some cork bark pieces and coco fibre to it. Let it cure for at least 24, better 48 hours, et voila you have a great, dry and natural looking background. :)
@Thekla yes this was going in a proper ventilated enclosure with airflow on the sides this is something I really did my research on

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