What an adorable little Bluey! Had no idea they were available outside Australia. Has mine since he was just born and they become so tame and friendly
This is my first bts. Talk to me!!!!! Especially about diet. What did and do you feed yours? I've been researching and asking questions like crazy. Premium wet dog and cat food seems to be the most popular. I dont know anyone who owns a bts, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!
@Mike112117 alright so it's safe to lay off the dog/cat food (if it's a must, dog food is generally a little bit healthier for them) at such a small size. I can safely say that I don't believe I have discovered a single thing they will NOT eat. Literally any vegetables and fruit will be fine, they take a particular liking to banana, grapes, and boiled down lettuce for some reason. Chopped up boiled eggs are a good snack for them, just make sure they can't choke on the yoke, and they absolutely LOVE any snails you find in your garden (make sure neighbours haven't used snailbait though before feeding them to your bluey). My fellow will even eat Dorito and biscuit crumbs that fall on my lap.
Basically just a mix of common soft fruits and veges will be absolutely fine. If you also have any spare shredded paper, they love to try and dig in it
I just put some banana in for the little guy. He just arrived yesterday. He seems to be in good health. He only took a nibble of the dog food though. I want to see him eat so I can relax!!!!!
@Mike112117 no worries mate. They also do better with a heat rock than a heat lamp, since rocks have an inbuilt thermostat they are super low fuss to setup and during Winter you should often see him on top of it. When they are little, it's crucial to get them as used to you being around them as possible. For my little dude, Bronto I did this by letting him snuggle and sleep in my jumper hoody and under my shirt when I was sitting down. These days he prefers to hybernate under his newspaper for winter though.
And one last little think, they can eat pretty much any love food you offer them, but really struggle to catch mealworms so just off them be hand.
Hope all of this helps a bit, I can assure you that they are amazing lizards and you will love keeping them
I had so many spelling mistakes lol
"They'll eat any live* food you offer them, but struggle to catch mealworms so just offer* them by* hand"
I got him some buffalo blue kitty food. He ate a few bites. He is VERY shy!!!!! I will try putting the worms in a dish.

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