Half a baboon.
This four legged cutie was labeled as an ornamental baboon (Heteroscodra maculata) but it looks maybe more like Stromatopelma calceatum to me.
Oh for... If it still has fangs holding on your hand like that is a poor idea.

Where on earth did you find it? Either a bad molt or a bad accident.

Check the underside. S cal is black, H mac is tan/lighter.

If it has functioning chelicerae and sucking stomach. It can likely recover. I'd keep in a small almost ICU like set up minus the soaked paper towels. I'd keep a dish in a corner and a hide. Feed maimed or prekilled prey and hope for the best.
@Venom1080 I hear scary things about their venom, but I’m so tempted to make friends with it anyway lol! Maybe I’m just tempting fate. Anyway, I bought this guy a couple of days ago on sale. No idea what happened to it. It did take down a cricket yesterday without help, so I think it’s okay as far as eating. I’ve gotta rehouse it into a better arboreal setup. Its still lightning fast, even with only four legs- But it only runs in circles lol. Poor thing. It’s underside is light, so maybe it is an H maculata after all.
Unless it's 100% without a doubt dead, I would absolutely never hold that species (either species mentioned). I probably wouldn't want to hold a dead one either. This picture is scary. :lurking:

As for care, I can't help you with that.
@aenigmatica8 if it still has that kind of appetite, I wouldn't worry too much. Hope fully it's legs will work better when they re grow some next molt.

You won't make friends with it, sorry. All handling does is being stress. Not to mention the danger of a bite.

If the undersides not black, it's a H mac. ;) I don't know for sure what size s Cal get that black underside. But I imagine pretty early.
Please stop, it doesn't like you, dislike you, want to get close to you, it doesn't even know you, please put yours and her? Safety first. None wants to read a bite report starting with "so I was handling my broken S.cal nursing it back to health and she bit me" and ending with "it's been 2 weeks and my arm still cramps up sometime"
Poor thing... Hope all goes well. I would stick with slower/wounded prey still just to be safe and to make life easier for the T. A nice juice dubia or two a week and you'll have a full blown baboon in no time! Good job with the rescue and keep us updated please!

PS - You are brave indeed. Just hearing rumor about old world T's venom has me sticking to the new world T's for now.
@aenigmatica8 Geez, quite the OW to start with. While I admit I might not be able to turn down a handicapped tarantula either if it was reasonably priced or (preferably) free, please please please make sure you don't underestimate it just because it's not 100%. I might suggest reading the bite reports on here before you make a habit of holding it. While some of the reports are pretty mild (those bites were mostly from slings though), others compared the bites to being injected with bleach or boiling water at each heartbeat. And many of the reporters expressed feeling issues with their heart as well. This is not a spider to take lightly. And as much as some of us like to think our tarantulas recognize us or are "friendly", they absolutely will not develop feelings for us as their owners. That's simply not how their brains work. On your luckiest days, they're indifferent to you. On your unluckiest days, you're a threat. So even if you aren't afraid of being bitten or are willing to risk it because you want to interact with your new pet on a personal level, please think of the actual animal that depends on you to put it through as little stress as possible and depends on you to keep it safe and out of risky situations. Please don't interpet this post as offensive or condescending. I felt the need to write this out because I'm genuinely concerned for both you and your animal.

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