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Hadronyche versuta

*Disclaimer: I’m not holding her!! She’s in a container and I’m cupping it just to show you her size* Maaaaassive girl over here, I’m amazed!

Hadronyche versuta
Oompoofishy, Jul 11, 2019
    • RezonantVoid

      Now that's a pretty spider and a half!

      But most importantly, how on earth did you find anyone selling these? I've searched for ages :hilarious:
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    • RezonantVoid
      Also good to be aware (if this is your first Atracid) that these are indeed among the funnels that can kill, with their Versutoxin being really similar to a Sydney's Robustoxin (produces an autonomic storm if I remember the terminology correctly, all those horrible symptoms from that care thread). I think the envenomation rate is 11% or 1 in 9 bites and symptom onset of 15 minutes or something.

      But judging by that thick plastic I think you're well aware and prepared ;)
      Can't wait to see the webbing she makes
    • Oompoofishy
      @RezonantVoid I got it from Anita/Brendon! He might have some left. I think you sent your male strenuus to him awhile back? She’s huuuuuge. Do you think she might be gravid?
    • Oompoofishy
      @RezonantVoid No way am I going any nearer than this to her:hilarious: As I was nudging her into her enclosure, she was tagging the brush and I saw droplets of venom at the end of her fangs:eek: I’ll definitely update here. If she’s gravid, I will send you a bunch!
    • RezonantVoid
      @Oompoofishy yep I know the guy, and it definitely doesn't surprise he got his hands on these, he probably even texted me about them and I never knew because of this overseas SIM :( I'm not sure about gravid but I would definitely keep an eye open and monitor her, but I personally think she is just very well fed. But if she is, PLEASE DO :hilarious:
    • Oompoofishy
      @RezonantVoid Aww man! Well, if she is, I definitely send you some!!
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    Jul 11, 2019
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