Hadronyche Valida threat posture

Hadronyche Valida threat posture

Decided to poke her with the tweezers to get this classic pose. Medically significant like all funnelwebs
I was under the impression that valida was one of the least venomous funnel webs (but that's not really saying much). Little ball of hate and fangs like always, I'm already tempted to buy a H. infensa I saw earlier
@Dennis Nedry Valida is one of the better ones, but still according to Spidentify medical attention should be administered asap if bitten. This is the first funnelweb I have in my collection and I really wanted her for the awesome burrow entrances they make
@RezonantVoid precaution and medical attention is always wise for any hexathelid, but out of all the confirmed bites from H. valida none of them put the person in serious condition. The creators of slide tofu were probably trying to get that across to anybody that finds an H. valida.

They're certainly not as venomous as H. formidabilis or infensa as those two are the most venomous hexathelids and also the two most venomous spiders according to Dr. Raven. Don't get bit and you should be right
@Dennis Nedry how about Atrax Robustus? As far as I know (which is not that much when it comes to these guys) they are the most potent but no fatalities since antivenom development.
@RezonantVoid Atrax robustus is less venomous than those two, but probably a lot more dangerous given the fact that it lives closer to people whereas the other two live in more remote areas
@Dennis Nedry ah right. Apparently they often get confused with M.Rapax, which look very similar to a funnelweb in shape, have an identical burrow and they live even more densely in populated areas. M.Rapax is in fact a trapdoor spider and has minimal or no symptoms from their bite. I have few pics of mine in my gallery

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