Hadronyche sp.

Hadronyche sp.

One of a few nice finds while walking with the boys in an area known for H. versuta, H. cerberea, and H. nimoola.
@Rbed2, too small to be gravid, especially, if she's H. versuta. Must have fed very well considering that she looks fresh from the molt. Normally they thin out quite a bit at this stage. Too small to confirm the she's a she.
@RezonantVoid, it seems odd, however, the three other spiders collected nearby look to be adult versuta. It would be nice if it was one of the others in the area, and, especially nice if it's nimoola. She's only about 1.5 cm body length. And quite striking in, what looks like, post molt colour. The adults are clearly black. She will be some form of brown. We'll see in the next week or so.
@Dave1969 yes definitely keep us updated. Just had a H.Mac with a wet molt but to my relief she seems energetic and unaffected. I've lost H.Lamingtonensis to a wet molt before, bizzarely it seems Atracids in particular are susceptible to them. Mine are nearly always pure white after a molt, and turn grey after a few hours by never this brown
Will keep you updated on this one. I found six Hadronyche while wandering with my children. The other five were all black - including one half this size.

I know some atracids are brown, my two A. sutherlandi are chocolate brown, but, the only one of my Atracids that I have seen immediately post molt is my H. infensa. She has had a second molt since. Who looked blue before hardening to her normal black.

The only photos that I can find of a Hadronyche species that looks close to this one's colouration has been identified as H. nimoola. Perhaps, wishful thinking.

I didn't know anything about wet molts. From what I've now read, it appears that, if they are not too badly deformed in the process there's a chance of a positive result. Sorry for the loss of your H. lam.


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