Hadronyche Formidabilis
I have waited far too long and gone through way too many failed capture attempts for this species. Now to make an awesome arboreal enclosure
@Ztesch that's why I have waited so long before getting this particular one over other species. I have a bit of experience with other Atracine species, and one thing that REALLY helps out is that they can't climb smooth surfaces. I do enjoy species from the Cerberea group of this family, they make much larger and more intricate webs than the other 3 groups
I love how "formidable" is basically the species name, because of how badly this spider will mess you up if you mess up.
@RezonantVoid This is why I'm glad I'm not on that continent. I'll look at and admire these from across the globe with my two new worlds, haha. I can't even begin to imagine having to check my shoes before throwing them on because of the chance that something like that might be inside.
@Androxian the thing is though, they only leave the burrow if they've been forcibly removed, there's no food or they are flooded for like a day. The chances of you stumbling across any of our primitives, let alone the handful of nasty ones, getting not only bitten but fully envemonated, and requiring antivenom are beyond tiny. I have spent hundreds of hours field collecting and it's believe me it's much harder to find them then we hope for lol

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