hadogenes troglodytes

hadogenes troglodytes

Esme, 1 of 3 adult females. Brilliant scorpions.
@grammastolla54 I doubt it. Look at the pedipalp size compared to the tail. If you want a visually similar species search Liocheles waigiensis. They are also virtually harmless.
Just received one yesterday as my introduction to scorpion world, and it was surprisingly active when I placed it in the enclosure. It has also been out and about investigating its new home, not seemingly as skittish as one would think. I’m digging on it.
@FrDoc awesome, scorpions are amazing and won't disappoint. Just watch though that your new addition doesn't keep pacing the enclosure, trying to climb the sides as this MAY indicate it dislikes the enclosure and is trying to search for more suitable conditions
@RezonantVoid Thanks. No, no activity such as you described. It has merely been checking out different hide spots in the flat rocks, and seems quite content.
Have 4 of these and they are brilliant, the male settled in very quickly but took the females a few days but they seem fine now. Females are a little feisty so hoping they are gravid.

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