Border Ranges funnelweb from Mt Tambourine. Best starter species for funnelweb keepers
@Vanisher unbelievably she actually took the rehouse really well and didn't make a single threat posture. When I first got her, she was a little ball of fury
It is like Pitbulls, every pitbull i see i imagine it to be an agressive beast, but that is not true, its their bad rep! But on the other hand, i am little afraid of dogs, so it is maybe that! One should not judge the dog by its hairs!
I am not afraid of spiders though, and if a Hadronyche sp or Atrax robustum coming running towards me fangs bared i would not be scared, cos i know how to handle them, but if a pitbull came running towards me! THAT would be a totally diffrent story!
@Staehilomyces I get em from all over. This one is caught from Mt. Tambourine, Ive had Rhino1 send me 2 unidentified ones from his area, I bought 3 Robustus from gumtree, Ive collected several H.Macquariensis from Coffs Harbour and I got my Cerberea from a seller down south, he has a bunch of different ones but not many for sale (he even has Venenata and I'm damn jealous).

If you like, I'm going to the place where I got this Valida from on May 5th. They are literally everywhere and I'd happily grab one for you if I can catch one.
Yeah, I'd love one!
And I promise, I won't even think of handling it - pedes are the only highly venomous inverts I have any inclination to handle.
@Staehilomyces yea definitely wouldn't wanna do that lol. If you want a bit of a reference for husbandry, I wrote a pretty large article on funnelweb care about 2 weeks ago in the true spider forums. These are basically just burrowers that LOVE rocks, they will nearly always chose to make a hole under, between or next to rocks. I don't know why the aren't called rock funnelwebs.

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