H. Pulchripes
Just got a microscope today and practicing on some molts. This is my Harpactira pulchripes juvie about 2 inches. I am pretty dang sure I see the spermathecae. This is the best picture I could manage to get was looking for a more experienced person to confirm what I am seeing.
Not sure i am any more qualified than you but i do see a couple structures in there. This is a pretty small species though isn't it? i would expect further development on a 2" specimen. I'd wait o see what others say.
2'' might be a bit of an overstatement but its definitely in that ballpark. They are a bit on the smaller size as adults. I really think its a female... would be really cool if it is.
i say female. though i don’t see the uterus externus, i see the spermathecae when zoomed in.
The uterus externus is the flap they are attached to right? What is believe to be the spermathecae are attached to a flap and move with it.
Yes, this looks female - because I think I can also see the pouch of the bursa copulatrix. Be careful with small nubs in small spiders - males have accessory organs that can look like spermathecae when the spider is still small (especially prominent in Poecilotheria - you wouldn't believe how many 'molt sexed female' Pokies turn out male).
Oh its definitely a major learning experience for me right now. I couldn't really find any pictures already sexed of this species. That's what I did for the GBB was just try to compare it with other photos on here. Pretty fun though!

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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