H. Maculata

H. Maculata

Hey guys,
I know that H.Mac has different colors based on sex. I got mine as a sling, and I'm not sure is this male / female.
I was looking on Juve pictures of H.Mac to compare colors, but couldn't find any.
Can you help me with this?
Ok... well bases SOLELY on apparent colors (I'm sure lighting might affect some things) I'd say it's looking female(ish) to me.

What size is it? If you can get a ventral shot or a molt, those are increasingly more accurate in that order.
@bryverine Ventral it's not possible, I've never saw H.Mac near the glass. Trust me, this is very rare photo of mine H. Mac :D
Size: ~6cm.
I will wait for the molt.
Just wanted to know when it's possible to see real difference between female and male H.Mac.
Thanks. :D
@ratomir I have never heard of them being sexually dimorphic nor have I notice any difference in specimens I have raised until maturity. Therefore, color definitely isn't a reliable way to sex this species. Color maybe supportive evidence when comparing adult specimens, but still not significant compared to all the other characteristics that separate them. Very few species in the hobby are sexually dimorphic before maturity and almost all of them are Asian arboreals.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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