H. Mac or S. Cal
I got this girl about a month ago and it was sold to me as an H. Mac, it’s about 2.5-3 inches and I can’t tell if the pattern on the abdomen is indicating that it is actually an H. Mac or if it’s actually an S. Cal what do you think
It has the dotted pattern on each side of the abdomen which is indicating to me that it’s an H. Mac but the stripe and the 2 large dots on the upper parts are making me think it’s an S. Cal
I agree, it's H. mac.
Although the leg width is useful, I find the ventral coloring to be the easiest way to tell them apart, especially in pics. By that size an S. cal will have a black ventral (females keep black ventral into maturity whereas mature males lose the black ventral). H. mac will be greyish/tan much like the dorsal colors.

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