H Mac or S Cal?

H Mac or S Cal?

This is my MM, not sure if it's an H Maculata or an S Calceatum.
H maculata. this is generally the only specie that is offered in the pet trade and the physical profile matches
It looks to me that leg IV is thickened, especially the tibia. If that's right, then that makes it Heteroscodra maculata. BTW, Stromatopelma calceatum is widely available as well...
I would say its a S. Calceatum. Its not enough grey for maculata. Calceatum has pink hair-like the one in your picture.
I sent him off to be mated with a H Mac female. He apparently got an insertion before being munched. He wasn't black enough ventrally to be an S Calceatum.
He had successfully mated with AlainL's female H Mac, and produced eggs. Unless those eggs are a hybrid, I believe this one was an H. Maculata :)

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