H.Levittgreggae feeding
I forgot how small she was when I put this cricket in. Recent addition waiting to be fully identified, but most likely candidate is Levittgreggae
@Rhino1 out of curiosity, do the new funnelweb holes look anything like this or is just more of a softer, silky look? Levittgreggae is uncommon but may be a suspect as they webs are smaller and slightly more fragile
Nah man, these ones don't really have the obvious scraggly looking tripwires that most funnels have.
You missed out on my previous mystery box cos I had to thin out the collection to move house when you were overseas, but it's for the best mate cos the next one will be a cracker.
@Rhino1 that's all good man, I don't mind at all. I have moved like 60% of my collection into our garage now so have quite a bit of new shelf space for additions. I'll look forward to the next one ;)
@Rhino1 I'll be trying for sure haha, spring's here now so I'll have the gumtree ads back up soon. Priority list rn is a male Silverback, Hogicosa Bicolour and some more A.Nambucca stock for breeding so I'll see how many of those I can tick off the list
Yes please on the silverback slings if you ever breed her, we have Ozicrypta local to us here but I don't know the areas to look for them dammit, Ive barely had a chance to go spidering since we moved here but. Maybe need to do some night searches.
Oh yeah those bicolors are a sexy spooder and I'm not much of a wolf spider enthusiast lol.
Also check out hoggicosa wolodymyri a bit more dainty than bicolor but have seen some spectacular colouration in these, I would own both of those lol
@Rhino1 just had a look at wolodymyri and damn that's pretty, not a particularly big wolf fan either but I do like to have a T.Leuckarti handy in Summer to drop the pesky garden grasshoppers to. I only know one bloke on gumtree with Bicolour and he refuses shipping unfortunately, so I'd say the chances of actually getting one are incredibly slim
I have a good mate in SA who regularly sends me wildlife pictures he takes and has sent me previous pics that look like bicolor to me. Not sure if he would be up for snagging a couple haha he's not really a spider person
@Rhino1 just found a invert Gumtree ad with some people from WA some Ive asked them if they come across Bicolour at all and am awaiting response.
By the way if you're looking for Ozicrypta, most Barychelidae set up camp in riverbanks. They detest nothing more than digging vertically. My silverback even went right to the bottom of her setup and then made her lid on the side of the hole she made. Of all trapdoor lids Ive seen, they are by far the most camoflauged, so it will probably be quite trucky to spot them. They overlap the rim of the lid with substrate so you can't even see the silk outline

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