Green Bottle Blue

Green Bottle Blue

my spiders
What a beautiful girl(?). I had a $120 GBB young (cranky & FAST boy, I think) Still had the tiger rump. Stunning colors on these guys. I'm partial to the Versicolors, too! My GBB, along with 8 other Tarantulas were STOLEN by a skank who offered to "watch them" for me while I was out of state. When I was "lucky" enough to get back my 1st 2 girls, their 10gal tanks had been pilfered. Rock H20 dishes had been replaced by jar lids, driftwoods, rocks, & fake plants were gone, & their substrate had been replaced with SAND! If I ever see her emailin from max security penn. Who does that? June & Mike in Asheville, NC-that's who. Sorry, seeing your beautiful T, just brought back some rage :evil: She's lovely & a fatty! Very nice! :clap:

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