Great opportunity
I figured I would take take a pic of my suspected female P. cambridgei since she was exposed during a rehousing.
Such a beauty, I will get one of this when I have the chance to. My only Pysalmapoues sp is an Irminia
@T fan I'm jealous! I want a P. irminia also but have not picked one up. I hear they are even more shy than a P. cambridgei. They are a beautiful T. Is yours female?
@Dman yes mine is a female. Mine act really weird. I got her as a sub adult(4 inch) for a really good price and she was more defensive than an obt..... accidentally knock on the enclosure an threat postures all over the place and at that time she is always in the open even through she made a really deep web curtain and has multiple hides. She after ONE molt she is so calm I can handle her and nothing would happen but then she also became supper shy. I had a smart design and made a window for myself to shell on her after I rehoused her, it is so cool man.
Sounds awesome! The Psalmopoeus species are great T's. Mine is not too defensive but sometimes at night if I shine a light on her she will dart towards the light and it startels me some. The irminia is definitely on my to get soon list.
@Dman Same for me but instead of an Irminia I’ll get a Cambridge. They don’t really have that much color but I just don’t know why I like it soooooo much. Also Psalmopoeus are indeed great Ts
Ps:I and obsessed with arboreal sp(wink wink)
I have a huge mature male cohabing in a giant Tupperware the size of a bathtub beacuse the male refused to get the job done when introduced. the female is 3 or 4 years old and the size in her is so heavy its crazy. then I have 3 slings of Cambridge also
as well as 3 sub adult irminia, a pulcher, and reduncus. the all seem very similar in temperament and they all seem to make low to the ground dirt curtain burrows. love all the psalms
@Noah Blades they are are a lot of fun and I really enjoy them. Wonderful hunters and they make amazing camouflaged hides. I like to give her plenty of moss to use in her webbing and it is amazing how natural it all looks when she is done. It is always treat when they decide to bless us with their presence.
@Dman well not all are great eaters, different tarantulas from the same sp can have different personalities. Psalmopeous are known to be great eater but mine just started to eat again a week ago after fasting for 7 month
Wow a seven month fast that is long! I have not experienced that yet but she certainly disappears for a long time during premolt and stays gone until at least a couple of weeks after she molts. She comes out of her hide when she is hungry and has a crazy appetite until it is premolt time. Funny how they have their own personalities. Makes me like them that much more.
@Dman it is not really fun to have a beautiful tarantula but you can’t see it. I make a ‘window’ in most of my enclosures so I can spy on my Ts when I want to and cover it with black paper so the T won’t get that startled whenI finished spying. My P Irminia never come out of her web tunnel and think she is hidden. But she has no idea I can just spy on her anytime.

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