Grammostola rosea
3 1/2 inch G. rosea. Can anyone tell whether it's a male or female? Thanks!
@Ashlynn Rose Picture isn't needed. If it's 3.5 inches, the flap should be visible enough, which I see a flap. Males have nothing, its just bare to the bone on their molts, but the male accessory organs.
@nathan haydon Two small hooks? Those are for MM, and 3.5'' is nowhere near MM size for a G. rosea. The only way to tell if its a male at 3.5'' for a molt. it's best to look for the male accessory organs, which are like small Micky Mouse ears on a molt for a male. Or a flap for a female, which i'm pretty certain it's female.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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