Grammostola rosea - 2nd try

Grammostola rosea - 2nd try

Thanks to all of you, who already answered. I got a slightly better picture, so, maybe you could confirm, that he's indeed a male. ;) Of course, that'd be a bit disappointing, but what the hell...!? He's such a handsome little devil, I'm gonna call him Lucifer! *lol*
NW terrestrials suck to vent sex.

Better pic though...Im actually leaning toward female here.
Hehe, thanks a lot anyway. :)
It seems I'll probably have to wait until it moults... so, I'll come back to you in a year or two. :p
Yeah, it does look more female-ish here :arghh:. Really, wait for a molt, this is just frustrating.
Im leaning to female. But i would wait for the molt....the highlight in the middle of the line makes me wonna say male.
Okay, okay, I understand. :wacky: I'll exercise patience and wait until it moults. I just hope I don't really have to wait a year or two. :rolleyes::p
Thank you anyway! :)

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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