Grammostola pulchra
I just got this grammostola pulchra 2 weeks ago. I'm a new keeper and had been feeding my T 3x a day. Yesterday it didnt want to eat so I took the food out. Thoughts? Does it look okay?
Looks pre molt to me. You should feed it twice or thrice a week depending on the feeders' size. Also, its enclosure is too small, it needs a hide. Welcome to the hobby :)
you were feeding your T 3 times a day? you should feed slings max 2 times a week 1 prey item about same size my p.muticus sling just went about a month without eating because was in pre-molt u should only feed about 1 or twice a week max
@LKiraLight some Ts will literally eat everything like my nhandu tripepii sling always takes whatever i give it but what webkreux said if you feed it that much it probably will fast for a while or kickstart a molt not that it would hurt it but would make the feeding schedule abit odd i would think, feeding twice a week is fine a lot of people i know feed all there Ts once every 2 weeks, but if you keep feeding it 3 times a day the fact that it can even eat that much might mean that the prey item might be too small maybe? try feeding 1 item about same size as your T 1-2 times a week and you should be good like that :)
i doubt a T could fit a prey in there belly 3 times a day for several days that is the same size or so as the t that is why i said that, 1 prey same size or just a tad bit smaller a week will keep ur sling nice and fat :D

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