Grammostola porteri [molt sexing]

Grammostola porteri [molt sexing]

Please do not make fun of my "taxidermy" skills, i know the way i setup this molt is embarassing . It's my first time trying and i was working on a week old 2.2 cm DLS molt. Do you think that the molt
indicates a female? it looks like a spermathecae to me but i could be wrong, any help appreciated
You'll need a better picture, the abdomen area needs to be opened up and flattened out so we can see the important parts.
@Nightstalker47 thanks for your replay. unfortunately the molt is very tiny and that's the best picture i could get. I guess i'm gonna have to wait for a future molt then. I thought that what i put in the circle was the spermathecae but i guess i'm mistaking :)
@Bount Its not, as I mentioned earlier...the abdomen area needs to be flat so we can see the inside...what were seeing here is the outside still folded together.
@Nightstalker47 thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to treat the molt sooner next time and not let it dry out as much as i did this time. Didn't want to open the enclosure too soon so i let it sit there for over a week and even soaking it in water after didn't help too much
The opisothoma isn't open. I can tell because the legs a pear to be more transparent than the opisothoma which for a t at that size doesn't make sense. However you're so close just keep up the good work as you are really close.
@JAFUENTES thank you so much for the kind words! It's all a learning process, from knowing the species to caring, feeding them all the way to treating the molts :) I will be sure to post updates on future molts
if you had a really tiny flat head screw driver you could put it in between the two "halves" of the opisothoma. If you look at the pedicile region you can see that that part has separated slightly. The really small flat head screw driver would let you unzip this potentially. However it needs to be really small since the molt is about an inch in size judging by the size of you dissecting needles.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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