Grammostola iheringi

Grammostola iheringi

I deleted my last one and reuploaded with a better picture of the body. Story: Bought this at a discount from a pet shop. They didn't have a proper name for her. Maybe misidentified her? I'm thinking Brachypelma vagans.

Edit: She has been identified to most likely be a Grammostola iheringi.
And again: This is not a vagans. That's extremely obvious. From this it looks like Grammostola actaeon, maybe iheringi. Since you don't believe me anyway I don't know why I'm even responding to this. If you disregard completely what people tell you why do you even post a question?
@boina I don't believe I disregarded anyone? I never said anything. I only deleted my post to upload a better picture because I couldn't edit to reupload. I never once said I didn't believe you. I didn't see your response before I deleted mine to reupload.
My vote is also on either G. actaeon or iheringi. I couldn't tell you which one though. But it's WAY too scruffy to be a B. vagans.
@boina You're right! I knew there was something else off about it, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what. Another difference I noticed was that it lacks the tan around the carapace like I thought most B. vagans had, but then when I looked at pictures online, I noticed not all had that, so I didn't mention it.
It was a steal because it was discounted! No one would buy the dear and they just wanted to sell her.

I'll go with Grammostola iheringi! Thank you everyone!
What's the leg span? It's one of the two but, like I said, they're both identical until they hit subadult/adult sizes (they max out at around 7" and I think actaeon start to lose the red at around 5") so you won't know until then.
I still think it's actaeon. Actaeon has a larger mirror patch whereas iheringi has a very typical separation of setae on the abdomen that I don't see here.

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