Grammostola iheringi Juvenile Female

Grammostola iheringi Juvenile Female

Freshly moulted and all legs.
@Arachnophoric This is my favourite genus - I have seven different species and some of those are doubled up. I would have more, but they are difficult to come by in Canada... and expensive too.
They're definitely a favorite of mine, as well! I only have 3 species, but one of them I have 3 of - my G. pulchra :D Had to increase those odds on getting a female and all, and even if one or two end up male I'd be okay with that, they're such dolls.

Please just don't end up all 3 male. :anxious:
This is a female heavy genus. Your odds of getting a female are well over 50%. I think that people often end up with multiple pulchra males when they buy them larger. They are often easier to sex ventrally, if you are experienced, and the seller knows full well they are male and price them cheaper and as 'unsexed'. People think they are getting a great deal, but later find out they're male. Good thing that they live as long as they do.
I have only ended up with one male so far, one of my G.pulchripes. Luckily, I also have a female. I have three unsexed and one of the G.grossa is looking female. All the rest are female.
@VanessaS That's awesome to know! All three were purchased as very small ~1" slings, and each have molted once in my care. It's still too early to make any calls, but I'm getting paranoid from the ventral views that 2 are male. I'm not making any calls yet though, since none of them are over 2" yet.
Iheringi is my favorite grammy I've worked with. Pulchra are a close second, but iheringi are just incredible little spiders-- well, big spiders technically.
@Arachnophoric They will probably not be ready to guess at ventral views until they are 2-2.5". If you look in the gallery here, some people do specify the size of the individual that they want sexed and they will show a clear dark circle.
The only problem is that the hair formation on females can sometimes cause something like a dark circle, but the larger they get the more obvious it becomes that they are male.

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