Grammastola pulchripes

Grammastola pulchripes

Anyone care to take a guess at the sex of these two spiders? (Swifts Inverts again...)
I still don't know exactly what you're looking at... but a male is okay too. These are all "pets", we love them all. (My kids and me :) )
Ok you know where the book lungs are right?
Well look between the upper pair of book lungs.... on some species its hard to do but with these guys...... you can see on this one the tight patch of hair between the book lungs kinda looks like a half circle.... ( like that but rotate that shape once to the right........That is very indicitative of your T being a male. One this one its very clear and I am 100% sure its a male. Females do not have that patch, instead with females you look at the same place and you would see a straight line of hair with a curtain of hair pointing downward. This is not 100% but with practice its very reliable.
That looks nothing like a G.pulchra to me, are you sure you have the right picture?

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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