Grammastola pulchripes

Grammastola pulchripes

Anyone care to take a guess at the sex of these two spiders? (Swifts Inverts again...)
Excellent! Thanks for your help.

I have nine or so, including a T. blondie. I'm also getting a couple of the gooty ornamentals- soon I hope.
That one is a girl certainly but like the other looks nothing like what a G.pulchra should look like. Have you got photos of the spiders from the top, those pink hairs don't look like anything you'd see on a pulchra.
Oh boy, my bad. Should have done these one at a time... this is a Grammostola Aureostriata. I think the lighting is kind of bad also- I had to turn of the flash to get the close-up.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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