I bought this tarantula a month ago,the guy who sold to me said it was a t.blondi,but i am not sure because the tarantula is not brown!btw can you tell if it a female?!Thanx!
The red setae on the legs makes me think that it's T. blondi, but I can't be certain, of course.

T. blondi can be brown, black, or shades in between depending on where it is in the molting cycle.
i'd say it was a Lasiodora parahybana because of the black base colour and the salmon coloured hairs, hence the name salmon pink. Then i may be wrong, but i have 2 salmon pinks one juvenile one adult and they look similar to the pic you have posted.
Looks more goliath than parahybana to me, possibly a T apophysis, looks very dark for a blondi, but there are darker colour forms around, especially if it's not long moulted.
It's a T. blondi. No doubt. I have had plenty between the 4-7" mark that are this dark. I am 110% sure it is a T. blondi.
I agree with Michal1991: It's a blondi for sure.
It doesn't look like a parahybana at all, especially if you look at the carapace
I gonna go with the crowd and say blondi. L. parahybanas also have a white edge around the carapace that this specimen doesn't have.
If i remember, the distinguishing feature between T blondi and T apoph is on the patella, the slit sensillae (or what ever its called).
I beleive T blondi patella is a pink, whilst Apophysis is brown.

Have a look here for comparison, my post *last one* displays both quite well.
It does look like T blondi, but the SS looks more brown from the photo.

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