Gladicosa Pulchra Egg Sack.
I hope I get some slings out of this one. I was excited when my Gladicosa Gulosa produced a sack but it was infertile. Any tips on how to make this happen are more than welcome.
@animaliaadvocate216 If you caught her as a mature female, and she has not molted in your care, it might be fertilized.

If she has molted in your care, then it's not fertilized. (When they molt, they shed their spermathecae and any sperm stored in them.)
@Ungoliant none of the 4 lycos I have, have molted. I have 3 females. My Gladicosa Gulosa had a sack that went flat within a day and she ate it . The one that laid her sack last night was REALLY fat. The one this morning wasn't and if she wasn't doing a little dance over her water like the other one , I wouldn't have thought she was gravid. But I am still very new to this.

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