Getting fat now

Getting fat now

Trying figure out of to add multiple images at once to one thread. It only does 2.
@Drea Where are you posting, and how are you trying to do it?

Using the embed option, I've never had a problem including multiple images in one post.
@Ungoliant I was testing it here because these get deleted.

It allows me to upload two pictures at once in the same category but doesn’t show up on the same thread.

Could it be because I use my cell phone?
@Drea It might be a difference between the desktop and mobile versions; I only ever try to upload one photo at a time. I'd upload them all to the gallery and then use the embed code in your thread.
@RezonantVoid I can still see some bones in the hips but nothing like before. I cook for him than I do myself. Haha

Mood wise, he is so chill with me, I had just finished cutting his claws in this picture and he didn’t care. I hand feed him and he is so careful to take the food even if it is live food. He stays on my shoulder when we go places, which I take him often. He never hisses at me, dare not bite me or swat me with his tail and I can touch him anywhere and he just falls asleep.

Anyone else... whole different lizard. Bites, hissing, puffs up and lashes with his tail, hand feeding and goes for fingers, can’t touch him at all unless I am holding him and even then some people he just turns to bite them..

I guess it’s a trust thing or he is smart enough to know that I saved his life. Hard to tell
Yea lol my Beardie just chooses at random who he will trust. Sometimes he will let a new person pat him but other times he nearly instantly turns black and tries to sink into/press against my arm or climb behind my back.
This poor fellow may have trust issues for the rest of his life, but at least he's got someone he likes

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