Gender please!
Species and size is required for accurate sexing, although I would say generally this looks female to me
What species is this??? You can't expect an accurate sexing if we have no clue what species it is.
I think it is a Ceratogyrus Sanderi or possibly some other Ceratogyrus. If this is a Ceratogyrus I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BEING CAREFUL especialy since your'e only 13 and I dont know how many tarantula species you've kept. If you are new to the hobby than just know that this species is faster meaner and more potent than anything you've kept. Also no I am not some old tarantula keeper trying to scare you as I myself am only 15 and yes I lied about my age on Arachnoboards.
@Derivative It is a Ceratogyrus darlingi. I already know. And I also have a Chilobrachys huahini juvenile. I know what I am doing with these species. You can tell it is Ceratogyrus by the white band on her underside. Her name is Nagini btw.
Well as long as your giving them the proper care and are able to rehouse them well I think your fine. Just make sure to let your parents know about their venom because it is their house after all and if one of these species bites you your parents will need to take you to the hospital.
Oh they know all right. My dad had a Thai tiger as his first. Don't know the exact species but it died. Scared him and us so much. He just took it (it was in a container dont worry) out of a box on Christmas and it scared the heck out of us!

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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