Alrighty. I can tell you put some work into setting up this enclosure, and overall it isn't bad. The most glaring problem is that the setup as-is would be far better suited to an arboreal species, while C. cyaneopubescens is a terrestrial species.

A setup for a GBB should have more floor space than height - like I mentioned in the previous image you posted, height can be disastrous for a terrestrial that has a habit of climbing like your little one seems to be doing. If she were to take a fall from the top of that enclosure, it could easily maim or even kill her. On top of that, I notice there's a screen mesh lid. These too are generally ill-advised for use with tarantulas, since she could easily climb up there and get her tarsal claws stuck and lead to a whole other slew of problems, as well as tarantulas having the ability to chew through the mesh if they desire to.

Besides floor space, another important thing to have in a GBB's enclosure are decorations to act as anchor points for webbing. These guys are prolific webbers and can turn an entire enclosure white, it's really cool to see them do so IMO :) The fake plants or branch/sticks you're using work decently enough for anchor points. Keep the substrate dry, since GBBs don't much like moisture/humidity, and just have a decent sized water dish available at all times. Something a little bit larger than a bottle cap would work great for your T at it's size.

My recommendation would honestly be to invest in a different enclosure for your T. I have a strong preference for tubs, but if you're wanting something that offers the same visibility you get out of this tank, a medium critter keeper would work just fine. Try to keep the distance between the substrate and the top of the enclosure no higher than 2x the tarantula's DLS (diagonal leg span), although this is far more important as the T gets larger.

If you're dead set on using this enclosure though, you can still do so. Just fill the tank a little over half way with substrate to minimize the risk a fall would present. To fix the lid, you can buy an acrylic sheet to cut to the dimensions of the lid and replace the screen mesh with it. Just be sure you drill holes in the acrylic for good ventilation, since again GBBs prefer a dry environment. I hope this helps you out, and if you have any other questions I'm more than happy to offer what help I can :)
@Arachnophoric One thing, while this species is generally terrestrial, it has been observed in the wild to also be found in trees too at times. Selective pressures, such a prevalence of food drive animals to do a variety of things.
@Arachnophoric I don't know if OBTs have been observed in the trees in the wild. I do know GBBs have. I know a scientist who has observed this. I posted about it a while back, was tired of people saying they are/they aren't. hah.

Stupid phone posted before I wrote anything o_O

What was the name of this thread? I'd love to give it a read. And if that's the case that GBBs have been found inhabiting trees, do you think this setup is okay, or would you still recommend making some of the changes I suggested?
I would like to see this enclosure in few months. I've been thinking about kind of arboreal setup for my GBB also, it likes to climb and cover bushes with web, I would like to see how it will utilize some vertical space.
@Arachnophoric Ts are highly adaptable, I'm sure it would live in there, and maybe thrive. However I would give it more floor space, terrestrial. The post is in the science section of AB, not chat. At its present size, it will be fine. As an adult, I'd have something larger.
My GBB when I first bought it was in a arboreal setup, it spent most of the time up in the web hammock on one of the branches, I changed him to a terrestrial setup and now spends most the time on the ground.
My two cents; I honestly don't think they have a preference.
I think given enough webbing a fall might not be as disastrous and i have heard that falls often don't happen for a while after being putin their enclosure so maybe i could work fine but i dont even have tarantulas so dont quote me :)
Well she's been in there for about 2 months and my GBB loves to be in the leaves, when she travels around she doesn't even do it on the floor she does it on the glass. I've never seen her once go to her water bowl either. It emptys out into the sponge, but I've never physically seen her in there. @Arachnophoric has a good point though, in order to minimize risk, I'm going to add more dirt to heighten the floor and change the lid. I did a lot of research after it was suggested that I changed the territory and surprisingly a lot of people on YouTube have vertical set ups for their GBB's (may be ignorance, may be because they want it like that... who knows?) The whole entirety of the leaves are nearly webbed fully so if it fell through there I wouldn't be extremely worried because I doubt it would get hurt. I'm more worried when it's crawling along the glass and I think that's why I want to raise the dirt levels.

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