Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper

Here's a viper I saw while at the Hamburg Reptile Show. It's amazing how there were only a few dead leaves in with it yet it still managed to blend in with them.
Someone got lucky at the Hamburg show.. I almost went. I heard my alarm go off at 3am turned it off and weighed the 5hr drive to PA against my warm soft bed that I had only been in for three hours and went back to sleep.. I really have been kicking myself in the butt for it since.. I really should of gone..
@14pokies I probably should've specified that I didn't buy this one, just thought it's camo was really cool. Though I did still get lucky there and got a P. metallica sling.
And yeah, I'm lucky enough to live 30-45 minutes away from it but it's still not exactly fun to have to get up at 7 on a weekend to get there before the line starts curving around the building.
Still super worth it.

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