G. Rosea?

G. Rosea?

I got this from someone who says its 4-5 years old but its only 3 inches. Have only had it a month so hasn't molted for me yet. See next pic for top view
It looks to have the appearance of a Grammastola. Im not convinced it is, its probably just the strange light that sis on the psider in the pic. post some more and you shoud get a definitive answer:)
No thats not a Rose HAir Im not So sure what it is if you do not know what a rose hair looks like look at my gallery
that looks sorta like my G inermis......... sorta, does that spider look like a mix between a really red rosie and a G pulchra??? if so, then it's more than likely a G inermis. which are really rare
I would also say that is in fact a P. Scrofa...another obvious sign is the light colored side of the abdomen ..all scrofa's have that large light stripe on the side!

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