G. rosea or G. porteri

G. rosea or G. porteri

Found this 3.5-4” female on Craigslist for $40. Previous owner didn’t know much about Ts and so was neglected. Need help with identifying. Is it G. rosea or G. porteri?
@Theneil I think you may be onto something! Coincidentally I was researching just this past wknd on the differences between G. maule and G. conception. I have a G. maule on its way this wk and wanted to make sure it's actually a G. maule.

I found this female on CL being sold as a "rose hair." I had my attention on the carapace and hairs for identification... it didn't even cross my mind to look at her feet!

Now that I see them it does look like she has avic like scopula! I think you’re totally right!

I have new/better photos to share need to figure out how to add/update.
@ShockWave Just keep adding them the same way you posted this one, and then link them in the comments of this one.

Out of curiosity, have you found any solid info on concepcion vs maul? i would be interested in any info/links you can share.
@Theneil According to Jose,
“...the Grammostola sp. Maule does not have the disc formation like the Grammostola sp. Conception does onthe metatarsal.”

Here are more pix of mine:

Here’s a few key links. The posts from Jose are especially helpful.



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