G. Rosea? G. porteri? Something else? [2/2]

G. Rosea? G. porteri? Something else? [2/2]

Pet store rescue 15 years ago. I asked them what she was and they said, “rose hair”... ok. Again I asked what species and they repeated rose hair that I was nuts. I gave up on that and took her home because she was in bad shape.

years later I still asking the same question. What is she?
Rose hair! ;)

Hahaha I have no idea but she looks beautiful. Good on you for the rescue. Perhaps it is G. Porteri? I just saw you have that in the title. I'm gonna go with G. Porteri.
So hard to tell. She is going to be molting any day now. She is very active but for the past month, just sits on her log outside of her hide which I found strange that she always molts out in the open.

I will repost once she molts and has her true color. She looks so shabby right now. Hopefully I can catch her in the process this time. The last time I was able to see her on her back was 7 years ago. I would know it was coming and wait. And wait more, and wait a little long, and continue to wait. The day that I have to be gone all day, she will molt.
@Drea yeah if this is premolt I say almost 100% porteri. I'll stay tuned for the after pictures regardless though. If shes molting out in the open its either because her hide is too small to molt in, or she's just comfortable in her surroundings. Either way, a molt is a molt
Her hid is huge. She likes to hang out in her hid and used to molt in there. Around 8 years ago I put a piece of drift wood in her enclosure. Aragon webbed it up and always molts out in the open on or next to the wood. I have had Aragon for 15 years.

It is very awesome to know exactly what she is, besides loved. Haha

How can you tell the difference?
2 votes for G. porteri. I have been trying to find her a male G. Rosea but I was not sure that was the right species. I am glad I didn’t succeed in locating a male or I would have had some crossbred babies. Which is not cool.

Honestly, I can’t imagine how many G. Rosea and G. porteri are actually pure unless from a breeder because of pet stores are selling both as one and getting breed.
@Drea i think we can all agree this is Grammostola, I just guessed by comparing pictures of rosea and porteri. It certainly isn't pulchra or pulchripes. To me this has the same hair and body colourations as porteri although slightly dull, so when you said she's due for a molt I think that basically confirms it.

Everyone seems against crossbreeding tarantulas, I gotta research why this is so bad. Is it just purity elitism? Or is there health complications? To the lab I goooo
If you wanted to have a few crossbreed of your own to see what you would get, I think that’s cool. I know I have thought about a few species that would could have awesome looking babies.

I think the main problem is spider don’t have 1 or 2 babies. They have a lot. So then these cross breeds go into the world and they have babies and so forth. Next thing you know, no one know what the heck they are getting when by a new T because it is so mixed.

Another reason is some how the babies get out into the wild and some scientists finds it and thinks there is this new species (which still happens a lot) that is really someone Avicularia that was bred with a Brachypelma that mated with an Aphonopelma.

What a mess that would be. DNA testing or registered papers would end being required for “pure” species just like they do with dogs.

I am sure what other reason are but that is why I won’t do it if it was possible to mix. I am sure most you can’t, but there are always those few.
For me personally, I want to purchase tarantulas as a pure species. I do not want to buy a hybrid or cross between two species. Ideally, what I own or purchase will be a pure species that exist naturally in the wild. I don't want any mutts in the hobby
I agree with the no mutts but it happens. I think Aragon could still very well be a mutt herself but I will never know.

I have thought about pairing her but the fact that she was sold as a “rose hair” which could mean anything has always stopped me.

Not to mention, she was a rescue that I thought was going to die on me. Something about a rescue or an adoption makes me feel not right about a pairing.

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