G. Rosea? G. porteri? Something else? [1/2]

G. Rosea? G. porteri? Something else? [1/2]

Desperately needs that molt to happen, Mrs. Aragon has been looking pretty shabby these days. It’s been 7 years and I have never seen her molt or on her back.
Looks like rosea and although 7 years does sound quite a while without a molt I’m pretty sure that long intervals between molts is normal for especially older specimens
Her last molt was about a 1 1/2 ago. I personally haven’t seen her in the process in 7 years. I just see her all shiny and new.

I have seen several of my T’s in the the early stage or the late stage of molt but not Aragon. She will look shabby for months and start showing strong indications that a molt is imminent. So will sit by near her, check on her constantly, and wait to catch her in the molting process. But the day and time I am gone all day, she will molt.

She is going to be molting any day now. Hopefully I catch her in the act but I doubt it.

Thank you for input on what she is. I will have to post a picture once she molts and her colors are all bright again.

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