G. pulchra

G. pulchra

Just bought this Pulchra from an respected seller in Germany, and it is sold as a female, but "she" looks male to me though.
The breeder may be able to send a replacement, so don't get too mad. See if they will work with you first. If not, THEN I WOULD GET MAD AS HELL!
It was guaranteed female yes. I just talked to the seller and he is willing to exchange "her" when we meet next time. That is 6 month from now. It is a german dealer and i live in denmark, so it cant be shipped.
Bravo that the dealer is willing to do that. It is what they should do, but not what they always do. I have a male B. smithi that was sold to me as a female. Once he molts, I get my money back.
yes some dealers are ok to deal with. It means we might deal with them another time if they give good service. Everybody can make a mistake, but not everybody is willing to correct them.
Thomas, too bad you are not in the states, I could definately use your male!!

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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