G. pulchra sling, new addition

G. pulchra sling, new addition

It’s already begun redecorating by piling tiny pebbles from topsoil into the hide, and moving moss around. :)
What a beautiful sling, have you named him/her?
I love these little beauties! I got one about three weeks ago. I got an amazing deal aswell. They were priced at £25.00 for 1cm sling, when I went to the place to choose my sling, they were all well over an inch leg span and body length an inch! I was like you sure these are 1cm slings you had advertised! Anyway they were so I chose a big fluffy, chunky beast and called her Beryl lolz. The best part was I had a £10 credit so got Beryl for £15.5
Thanks! :) I’m working on figuring out a name now - sometimes it takes me a while with spiderlings. Beryl is a cute one! They are lovely, chunky slings aren’t they? This one seems to have a fun temperament too. When I disturb him too much he kind of parades around with his butt in the air :p Wow, that’s a really great deal! Here I paid $60 in a pet store, which is one of the lower prices I’ve seen. :penguin: I’m really bad with sizing but I think mine is about 3/4”.
Haha, that’s what I love about them, their chunkiness! Mine does that aswell, whenever I’m in the enclosure she parades with her butt in the air! I was just about mention the butt thing, do you know why they do that? She always interested in what I’m up to and I love watching her stalk crickets. Beryl is the only sling I have that can take down live food, the others are either too small or are large enough but are still scared. Mine still likes to try and make a run for it too, at times. Her butt looks funny when she lifts it over the side of her enclosure!! Having studied the picture of your gp, she looks kind of like a Peggy or Maureen! xx
I forgot to tag you @WolfSoon , I was lucky and did get a good deal. £25 is the going rate for 1cm sling but I was surprised by the size of her. 3/4” to 1” is roughly £45 so yeah probably $60 xx
That’s funny that they both do the butt thing :D I’m not sure but I think it’s just one way to show annoyance / defensiveness, or maybe it makes vibrations less intense to get their butts off the ground? Haha. One of my Euathlus sp Red slings used to raise his butt when I opened the enclosure, without the parading around.
That must be fun to watch her take down live prey :) I haven’t tried anything live yet since I’m used to scaredy slings, and so far mine seems ok with those yummy mealworm chunks.
Wow haha, mine likes to dart around the enclosure some or dive into the hide but hasn’t made a run for it at all. have you had any escapes? :p
@TeddyBearTarantula Maureen sounds nice, I’ll take those into consideration :happy: oh I see, I was a bit confused by the different currencies and measurements. So the going rates are similar (although I’ve seen some online here for more like $90). That’s great that you got a good sized sling for a lower price. I might have picked up two :D
Holding their abdomen perpendicular to their carapace is in order to make them look larger to predators. It also puts them in an ideal position to release urticating hairs. It is a sign of defensiveness, albeit more passive than immediately kicking hairs at you.

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