G. Pulchra 2.5"

G. Pulchra 2.5"

Hi. Can anyone please help me determine the sex of this juvenile G. pulchra. He/she has been buried 90% of the time since I bought her in January 2017. Thanks in Advance.
How often do you feed? You could try feeding a little less. You don't want to starve them of course, but a hunting T is seen more often. If they're constantly satiated they've no reason to come out of their hidey holes unless they want to.
I was just thinking about that too. I'm used to my P. Metallica who is always out and about. My pulchra had not eaten in 39 days, so I poked a small hole in its burrow (it is visible from the side of the deli cup) and let a med. cricket walk in. The pulchra ate it instantly, but I realize this is just training him to stay buried. I won't give in next time and will let it find its own food. Thanks for the reply and good advice.
@SpiderSkull Now, not always. I haven't heard of this behavior with G. pulchra, but I've heard of P. muticus who've literally starved themselves to death in their burrow. A grammostola can go 39 days without eating and be fine, unless it's on the brink of starvation. But if it got up to 60-90 days I'd offer pre-killed food and drip some water into their hide just in case. Pre-killed, because if they really are fasting for a molt or something, then you don't have to worry about never seeing the dead feeder again. If it's alive, then it might snack on your spider instead of the other way around.
Ok. Thanks for the advice. I'll wait the 60-90 days, and see how it goes. I'll also try pre-killed also per your suggestion.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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