Freshly Molted Theraphosa stirmi
Looking at the femurs, not a blondi.

Is it actually that black or is it just the lighting??
It just molted femurs are hairy but yes when they fresh molt it’s a few days before it starts to brown back up. Plus this little monster was missing a leg when I got her and just grew it back with this molt so I was pretty excited about that.
its hard to tell unless looking at a good molt the difference between the T. s and T. b but next molt I’ll get it out of there earlier and do some better quality close ups. Hard to get pics after molt cause they tend to be skittish and want to throw hair which is unpleasant at best.
Not you put in your description, this t is "freshly molted"....blondi would have significantly more hair on the femurs. Keep in mind that 90% of ts sold as blondi are actually stirmi....sold as blondi because they can charge 2-3 times as much. That t looks like a stirmi.
I just do it as realistically the difference is not only hairs on femur but uniformity of hairs as well as diameter of carapace length of femurs and amount of hair on underneath of femur not on top. Strimi tend to have longer carapace blondi have wider or fatter but shorter strimi have the longer femurs resulting in longer leg span and the setai on femurs is sparcly coated on underneath of strimi and more densely so on blondi although it doesn’t matter as both species are gorgeous and fun additions to a T collection. And as always differences between males and females captive and wild caught all come into effect. Lol not upset or trying to start argument cause I’ve seen it play out within the hobby to people ready to throw blows and it’s just silly.
The black coloring after the molt for sure threw me for a loop and luckily my buddy has 3 others from the same batch as this one 2 of which molted a few weeks prior and are already back to brown. He’s a dealer and had gotten me this because I gifted him a female amazon pink toe. I don’t think I’d have ever gotten one otherwise the humidity requirements as well as how often they have bad molts was hurdle I didn’t want to get into but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it.
I wasn't questioning anything based on the coloration, that can indeed vary greatly, I was just curious about the color because it looked unusually dark and didn't know if it was just the lighting.

Also keep in mind, its damp sub they need, not humidity...the humidity theyre kept in, is not important, it merely dictates how much water you need to add and how often its added. Paying attention to humidity is pointless and actually over-complicates things.

Take care, nice chatting:)
Very true I don’t measure humidity I miss spoke saturation should have been the proper term for me to use. They like it wet and often times it can be hard to manage good substrate but I’ve noticed it loves to lay in water dish on occasion. When I move it over to new enclosure I may try a water feature to make the T happy.

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