Freshly Molted MM B. albo
Bought this unsexed at a Petco on Saturday, in heavy premolt and already expecting that with my luck it was a penultimate male. But he was "reduced to sell" at $20, and I figured at that price, either I was gonna buy him or some idiot was going to.
Someone tell this little floof that the winter has yet to come, no need for those leg warmers :banghead:
Amazing looking species, wish I could have one.
@PidderPeets Honestly $20 for a MM B. albopilosum is a really good price. Sure he's maybe got 1-2 years left but if you can find him a mate, who knows, you might end up with a quite large amount of slings! If not, then enjoy him to his final hour! He is stunning.

@Hoxter Is it an issue with keeping in general or just finding one? This species is pretty common in the pet trade, at least here in the southern US. Slings are often given away for free due to the quantity.
Keeper chose to pick up this beautiful T, knowing it was in penultimate molt, and yet still chose to take it and give it a better home. Top notch caretaker. Hats off to you @PidderPeets.
@Androxian In all honesty, with him priced so low, my biggest concern was that literally anyone could afford it. To the types of people that would buy something for a prank or an impulse with no clue (or care) what they're doing, $20 is nothing. So basically, I just picked him up so a more heartless person couldn't. If I end up getting him a mate, that's great. If not, that's fine too, but at least I know he's in good hands
@PidderPeets There is nothing wrong with having empathy towards a tarantula my friend. That's how I came into the possession of my A. seemanni. She was in horrible conditions at Pet Supermarket, which has to be the worse chain establishment of them all. They had her on less than a half an inch of substrate, a heat lamp in her enclosure, and a sponge in her water dish. I bought her because I knew if I didn't, every second she was still there was another second of agony and a potential risk of death. I understand the cyclical nature of buying from the big chain stores, so from now on if I want to acquire a tarantula, I only will do so either at a convention, a local breeder, or online, but when I saw her in her 89 degrees F enclosure, I simply couldn't leave her there in that torture chamber.

If only my female B. albo was ready to mate.. I would absolutely love to pair her with a male.
@Androxian They are very easily obtainable in China as well. It's more of a result of my principle, as long as I'm in China, I don't want to get any endangered species or those under CITES list. Especially with how unregulated and random trade is there. I might get one once I move to another country.

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